Violet Orlandi

Brazil-based rock vocalist/instrumentalist Violet Orlandi, has gained viral recognition with her precocious abilities and edgy renditions of heavy metal/grunge/dark/rock artists like Nirvana, Disturbed, Nine Inch Nails, and more, garnering over 860k YouTube followers and 100 million views since beginning in 2016.


Tarja Turunen: “ Nemo it was just about a feeling of not being sufficient enough, a feeling of being a terrible person and fucking up everything,” he explains. “We all get those moments every now and again, those weaker moments in life when you don’t really know who you are. You are without a name, without a direction. That’s where the title, Nemo, which means ‘no name’ [in Latin], came from. It’s basically a cathartic song about myself. I was just a much darker person then than I am now. I would never do a song like that again, but that was as honest as it gets. It was a page out of my diary, and I needed to get those emotions out. I felt so alone.”

My flower, withered between The pages two and three

The once and forever bloom
gone with my sins

Walk the dark path Sleep with angels Call the past for help

Touch me with your love And reveal to me my true name.