José Javier Sanchez Meroño better known as El Piezas or simply Piezas is a Spanish MC considered one of the best in his time and a legend for freestyle, being one of the greatest references.


Melancholia «The best album of the year 2015. Piezas brings us an intensely deep journey through his melancholy. Jayder brings us some productions, as usual, with honors, proving once again that he is one of the best producers in Spain.»

¿Quieres vender tu alma y nadie la quiere? De todos modos, uno no puede vender lo que no tiene.

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Piezas & Jayder

Single by Piezas, Jayder & J Higgz 

Me & P back to back You know this sh** slaps Got Murcia on the map, that's 3-0 This right herе be that cheat code Apply the pressure.